Monday, February 8, 2010

Vintage Bobby Dazzler

Check out carole, julien and joseph's lovely blog. There is a pic of vintage Bobby Dazzler!

Bobby Dazzler News!!

Little angel, Iris. So cute

What a busy Christmas and new year in the world of Bobby Dazzler was not the holiday we expected ! Rosie had little Iris on the 30th of December shes a real Bobby Dazzler !
Fumie is back in Tokyo but not having a break, she has set up doll factory there with help from her mum, making bobby dazzlers for shops all over Tokyo.

The webshop will be up and running again by the end of febuary.
Alice our helper was a god send at christmas when we got lots of orders, she will have some time to do some of her own work again have a look at her website.
Our 'Make your own misfit' book will be in the shops soon so keep your eye out. We got a suprise when we saw Jimmy Carr showing off his Bobby Dazzler on the Graham Norton show and we were on telly in japan !

Sunmotoyama, EDIFICE, H.P.Deco, The Dream Apartment,

本がもうすぐ発売されます。"Make your own misfit”

Pic of Mr.Nero

One of our biggest fun, Mr & Mrs Takahashi sent us a lovely pic of Nero.
Thank you very much!