Friday, October 10, 2008

Bobby Dazzler News!

New Studio!
we are so happy to be in our
new gorgeous studio on bricklane.
Jill is the perfect neighbor and
there is always time
for tea and biscuits.
We are sharing with the lovely Rachel
who is part of the Ink collective with Fumie.

Horse box
Rosie and Tony have just bought a beautiful TK horsebox
to convert into the Bobby Dazzlershop/museum festivals.
its gonna be good !!

We are now selling at Hooder and Shaw in Port Issac,
vintage classics in Penderie in Tokyo,
Supersuperficial (selling fumie's t-shirts too)in Soho,
Natashas stall at Broadway Market, London
and of course Upmarket on Bricklane on a sunday.

we will be featuring in the next Anorak magazine
and creature mag which are both great.