Sunday, August 9, 2009

News letter

He is helping us.

Bobby Dazzlers are busier than ever ! We'll be off to our old favorite Greenman in the horsebox on the 21st of august.

Lots of new shops are stocking the Bobby Dazzlers and a Bobby Dazzler craze hitting the streets of Tokyo so we are very busy making. We are also looking for a work experience Bobby fan in london, who can sew and is up for some hard graft. email us if your interested.

Organised Fun!

Josie from organised fun is a new Bobby Dazzler collector and we love her funny games. we'll be giving free samples of her book with Bobby Dazzlers at the Greenman festival in Abergavenny.

Camp Bestival Collectors

Ludovic is in the seaside town of Portsmouth,
but he is moving soon to Lyon in France!
(from Sophie)

Watching TV on a comfy sofa (from Rosa)

Bobby bestival. (from Kate)

We received lovely photos of Bobby Dazzler's new life! They all look like having a great time.
Thank you very much for sending us photos.