Monday, October 5, 2009

The story of Phillip London

Phillp with his friends

Him and famous snowboarder Cheryl Maas

We received a lovely story of Phillp from Ida.
We want to share this story with our friends!

Phillip was one day sitting in the shop in London... A cute Norwegian girl entered the shop.
She was constantly fascinated by all the super super beautiful dolls!
All of a sudden the guy in front of her turns around...
"You like the dolls eh??" She look up at him an nodded! " "Well pick one..." She looked at him like he was suddenly put her hand around phillip...

The owner of the shops looks at the guy and said..ehh you dont want to know how much it cost?? The guy said..No just add it to my bill!

The norwegian girl couldent belive it....
Phillip couldent belive it..

"What can i do to pay you back? , the girl said..."well just remember this nice gest, and pass it on when you have the chance...Can I ask you your name the girl said...My name is Phillip...Take care of this little doll, and remember the good things in this world!!

Thats how Phillip London got his name...after the nice guy who bought him to a totally stranger girl in that little shop in London.

Phillip London is now living in France, travelling together with the girl doing snowboarding, skateboarding and surfing events...He hangs out with famous riders, and is enjoying his life...

Phillip can be found on facebook from here