Sunday, August 26, 2012

Greenman festival 2012

  As always Greenman festival was ace and everyone made great Bobby Dazzlers
                                There are some very creative folk around Abergaveny way
   Iris enjoyed her second Greenman festival and bought her cousin Jamie with her
      festival companions 
Iris and an old friend

We had a great time at Greenman (even though Fumie stayed behind to get on top of a big order and I had a broken foot the whole time but only found out when we got home ! ) Everyone made amazing Bobby Dazzlers and was great to meet friends old and new. Alice and Mared were brilliant dazzler assistants and Gemma, Jamie, Tony and Iris all lent a hand and had fun too.

We have started Christmas dolls for some shops already, feels weird to be making snowmen in the summer sun.

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