Thursday, April 18, 2013

Bobby's Park at ISETAN Shinjyuku

One of our new collection, "Baby and Dad"

We are so happy to announce that "Bobby's Park" will take place at ISETAN Shinjyuku.
It will start from 24th April to 7th May on 3rd floor, "Re-Style" gift section.
There are lots of new items and cushion cover will be available first time in Japan.
If you are in Tokyo, please have a look!

伊勢丹新宿本館3階にて”Bobby's Park"が開催されます。4月24日〜5月7日です。

伊勢丹web site

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

5 A Day

Are you looking after your health?  Don't forget to take Bobby Dazzler's vegetable and fruits. They will give you energy in spiritually!
They are featured in a great blog, "Gannet &Parrot".  Check it out!