Thursday, July 30, 2009

Camp Bestival Diary -part 1-

The vintage horse box became our shop!

Georgia and Tony made a lovely shop sign.

Full of dolls.

400 dolls..400 stories.

We just came back from Camp Bestival. Lucky the weather was so nice and we met lovely people through the festival!


The fabric of my life said...

We saw you there and thought your dolls were fabulous. My son wanted to make one and I told him it wasn't possible, I had no idea you were doing workshops :-(

I will blog about your dolls as I know my followers would love them too.

Sandra Monat said...

I´m so jealous of your bus :)
It´s so great - my longtime dream to have such a kind of rolling gallery. Yours is perfect and I love your dolls!
Congrats and happy creating!